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Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut Here is the ELI5 of String Theory. We have two sets of rules in our Universe right now. Quantum Mechanics, which are the rules of the REALLY small things, like things the size of atoms, or smaller. And General Relativity, which are the rules for REALLY big things, like us, and stars, that are affected by Gravity

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  1. Eli5: Why do small animals like squirrels not lose appendages to frostbite when temperatures reach below freezing, and they walk around on ice and snow all day? 14.1k. 896 comments. share. save. hide . report. 13.9k. Posted by 1 day ago. 4 7 7. Chemistry. Eli5: Why is tomato-sauce so good at coloring plastic red in your dishwasher, unlike raspberries or strawberries for example? We like tomato.
  2. (Again, this is ELI5; it's about explaining things to people who don't have a background in this sort of thing.) 'The speed of causality' is probably a more accurate description, and if it helps your understanding, go for it, but if 'speed of light' is good enough for Wikipedia, it's good enough for me
  3. 40.5k votes, 8.3k comments. There's a lot going on in the stock market this week and both ELI5 and Reddit in general are inundated with questions
  4. ELI5: Why is it impossible to transplant a bladder? It seems strange to me that a heart can be transplanted and a bladder can't. 20.2k. 117 comments. share. save. hide. report. 15.3k. Posted by 3 days ago. 7. Technology. Eli5 why do computers get slower over times even if properly maintained? I'm talking defrag, registry cleaning, browser cache etc. so the pc isn't cluttered with junk from the.
  5. ELI5. r/all. Close. 81.2k. Posted by 12 days ago. Comments are locked. 3 2 12 9 12 8. ELI5. r/all. 1.4k comments. share. save. hide. report. 80% Upvoted. This thread has been locked by the moderators of r/WhitePeopleTwitter. New comments cannot be posted. Sort by. best . View discussions in 6 other communities. level 1. Moderator of r/WhitePeopleTwitter, speaking officially 12 days ago.
  6. Überwiegend wird die Abkürzung ELI5 auf Reddit genutzt, wo sie auch ihren Ursprung hat. Mittlerweile findet man das Akronym aber auch in anderen Foren, auf sozialen Plattformen wie Facebook oder..
  7. Reddit has acknowledged ELI5 as one of the most important communities on its website. In 2013, the company even named its first original video series after the subreddit. The videos take a comedic approach to the subreddits' premise and explain things like the Syrian crisis and philosophy to actual 5-year-olds

Find more subreddits like r/eli5_programming -- This subreddit is for decoding the esoteric concepts of programming and web development by using the most simple terms and explanations possible. (unofficial) reddit.guid This subreddit was created by a Reddit user, boss galaga back in September 2011. The term ELI5 was integrated into the Urban Dictionary a month after. The phrase went on to become one of Reddit's most popular boards. By 2019, r/explainlikeimfive ranked as the 17th most popular subreddit on the platform We provide a suite of scripts to download paired questions and answers from the ELI5 subreddit along with supporting documents from the CommonCrawl. FAQ: can you provide the processed data? No, we are not allowed to host processed Reddit or CommonCrawl data. While we are aware that it would make life a little easier, making your own version of. Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community

ELI5: Time Dilation and Biology [deleted] 1 3. Share the link. Best Comments. Add a Comment. fiiiiiine · 4y. Relative to the ship. Time dilation is not some kind of trick or illusion; time is literally moving at a different rate from the perspective of an outside observer. 3 Reply. Notmiefault · 4y. Your speed of aging is based on local time; if you're on the ship, you'll age slower. ELI5 ist die Abkürzung für Explain Like I am 5 . Es bedeutet schlicht Erklär es mir so, als ob ich 5 Jahre alt wäre.Das heißt, dass die Erklärung sehr einfach sein soll, sodass auch ein kleines Kind sogar einen komplizierten Sachverhalt verstehen könnte Reddit tried to resolve this (to an extent) by introducing NP (non-particiation) links. The idea being that doing any action through an NP link would flag you and lead to a ban. I don't know if that ever actually happened, because I accidentally upvoted or downvoted posts through NP links before and nothing happened. Beyond that, would just link around it, or manually navigate to a thread. So. Vpn Eli5, Supprimer Icone Vpn Mac, Android App Not Using Vpn, Le Vpn D Opera Marche T Il Dans Chrom Reddit users quickly began prefacing their questions with a shortened ELI5. This shorthand became so commonplace that soon even bossgalaga began using ELI5. Thanks to the exploding popularity of the subreddit, ELI5 became a popular Google search term in the 2010s, and its use soon spread to mainstream social media platforms

ELI5: If a computer's hardware doesn't change over time, then why do its drivers need to be changed or updated? 30 8. Share the link. r/explainlikeimfive · 1d. ELI5: Why can't we recycle plastic in the same way we do for metal? Melt it and remold it? 21.1k 2.0k. Share the link. Get infinite scroll, chat, and more with the Reddit app. Keep Browsing r/explainlikeimfive Get the Reddit App. Visit. ELI5 علاوه بر وب سایت Reddit در پلتفرم‌های دیگر نیز حضوری فعال و سرزنده دارد. اغلب، آن را در وب سایت سایر رسانه‌های اجتماعی مانند فیسبوک و توییتر مشاهده خواهید کرد. این مسئله، تقریبا متداول است که کسی هنگام درخواست از. Use one of the formatting functions from:mod:`eli5.formatters` to print it in a human-readable form. Explanation instances have repr which works well with IPython notebook, but it can be a better idea to use:func:`eli5.show_prediction` instead of :func: `eli5.explain_prediction` if you work with IPython: :func:`eli5.show_prediction` allows to customize formatting without a need to import :mod. Eli5: Why do we instantly feel refreshed when drinking water if it should take time to actually enter our system? 16 6. Share the link. r/explainlikeimfive · 4h. ELI5: What do billionaires do with their money? Do they have a regular savings account? How does it work? 13 36. Share the link. Get infinite scroll, chat, and more with the Reddit app. Keep Browsing r/explainlikeimfive Get the. eli5.sklearn.permutation_importance¶ class PermutationImportance (estimator, scoring=None, n_iter=5, random_state=None, cv='prefit', refit=True) [source] ¶. Meta-estimator which computes feature_importances_ attribute based on permutation importance (also known as mean score decrease).. PermutationImportance instance can be used instead of its wrapped estimator, as it exposes all estimator.

ELI5: what is the point of impeachment if the leader is still the leader and then can get impeached again a year later? 16 28. Share the link. r/explainlikeimfive · 10h. ELI5: How does anaesthesia make your body fall asleep almost instantly and not wake up when enduring pain? 45 10. Share the link. Get infinite scroll, chat, and more with the Reddit app. Keep Browsing r/explainlikeimfive Get. ELI5: How are animals that eat only one kind of food not horribly malnourished? Do they need a narrower set of nutrients than humans? 14.9k 1.3k. Share the link. r/explainlikeimfive · 3h. ELI5: Why can't we taste anything sweet right after having something sweet ? 20 3. Share the link . Get infinite scroll, chat, and more with the Reddit app. Keep Browsing r/explainlikeimfive Get the Reddit. ELI5: Why can't we just make water by smooshing hydrogen and oxygen atoms together? 12.0k 818. Share the link. r/explainlikeimfive · 3h. ELI5: How does stretching before sleeping work? 33 3. Share the link. r/explainlikeimfive · 1d. ELI5: What is a seized engine? 8.7k 826. Share the link. r/explainlikeimfive · 18h. ELI5: How is medical oxygen made? 414 41. Share the link. r. ELI5: You're not supposed to defrost meats in warm water due to harmful bacteria growth, you're not supposed to leave food at room temperature for long without being refrigerated because of harmful growth but, when you go to a buffet, food can sit out for hours under heat lamps and be fine? 19.1k 1.0k. Share the link. r/explainlikeimfive · 15h. ELI5: Can all substances be in all 3 states of. ELI5 means Explain like I'm 5 (years old) FIFY and FTFY mean Fixed It For You and Fixed that for you, respectively. FWP means First world problems GGG is a reference to the Good Guy Greg or Good Girl Gina meme; GTFO means Get the f**k out HIFW means How I feel when HMB means Hold my beer IAmA means I am a. This is the standard way to begin the.

New to Reddit? Confused by the lingo? Here's a helpful guide that'll help you understand all the most popular Reddit slang and acronyms Reddit is a great place for information junkies. Whatever your interests, regardless of how niche they are, I can guarantee you there will be a subreddit about it. Being one of the most popular web apps on the planet, Reddit has hundreds of millions of. Reddit is chaos, most posts are off-topic, and the matter of this comic was not seriously discussed there. And even the first page at Gooogle for ELI5 isn't very helpful on further investigations. For me it is still clear that the current traffic belongs to this comic while former posts do not belong to this matter mostly. - Reddit Eli5 Options Trading Many a time, the traders get confused between the two and then, end up losing in both of them. Before starting out with any of them, it is imperative for the traders to be fully aware of what they are dealing with. You can read this informative post to know about the potential differences that exist between binary options trading and forex trading. It will serve as. threads from the Reddit forum Explain Like I'm Five (ELI5) where an online community provides answers to questions which are com-prehensible by five year olds. Compared to ex- isting datasets, ELI5 comprises diverse ques-tions requiring multi-sentence answers. We provide a large set of web documents to help answer the question. Automatic and human evaluations show that an abstractive.

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ELI5 - Explain like I'm 5 (years old) This one is often seen on Reddit. It's used to ask for a simple explanation to a complex topic. Ex. ELI5, how does wind work? ESP - Email service provider. A program or software that allows you to send emails Welcome to MSOutlookit 2013! The wonderful @attaxia volunteered to update this UI to the Outlook 2013 version (code here).This newer version is still a work in progress, but the old version is still available here.. Want to add subreddits

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Model Inspection¶. For sklearn-compatible estimators eli5 provides PermutationImportance wrapper. If you want to use this method for other estimators you can either wrap them in sklearn-compatible objects, or use eli5.permutation_importance module which has basic building blocks.. For example, this is how you can check feature importances of sklearn.svm.SVC classifier, which is not supported. Explain Like I'm 5. Used when you want someone to explain something in the simplest way possible Features¶. ELI5 is a Python package which helps to debug machine learning classifiers and explain their predictions. It provides support for the following machine learning frameworks and packages: scikit-learn.Currently ELI5 allows to explain weights and predictions of scikit-learn linear classifiers and regressors, print decision trees as text or as SVG, show feature importances and explain. Use the Reddit search bar to find a particular interest or community. How to talk Reddit TL;DR Too Long; Didn't Read Summarizes a long body of text OP Original Poster The person who created the post AMA Ask Me Anything Indicates a Q&A TIL Today I Learned Usually found within the r/todayilearned community ELI5 Explain Like I'm 5 When you need a complicated.

TL;DR — Agile is a repetitive approach to project delivery. Your team delivers multiple smaller steps from the start, instead of delivering everything at the end. Agile processes recognise tha We introduce the first large-scale corpus for long-form question answering, a task requiring elaborate and in-depth answers to open-ended questions. The dataset comprises 270K threads from the Reddit forum ``Explain Like I'm Five'' (ELI5) where an online community provides answers to questions which are comprehensible by five year olds. Compared to existing datasets, ELI5 comprises diverse. Encore trop sous-estimé en France, mais très largement adopté aux États-Unis, le réseau social Reddit est dans l'imaginaire de beaucoup réservé essentiellement à une petite catégorie d. Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you. How Does Reddit Work? Every day, millions of people around the world post, vote, and comment in communities organized around their interests. reddit-gtm-template The official tag template for the Reddit conversion pixel for use with Google Tag Manager Smarty Apache-2.0 0 1 0 0 Updated Jan 13, 2020. spinnakerpb Protobufs and a Golang lib for representing Spinnaker pipelines Go 1 1 0 0 Updated Jan 9, 2020. event-tracker JavaScript 9 7 2 2 Updated Dec 13, 2019. go-statsd-influxdb Forked from smira/go-statsd Fork of smira/go-statsd with.

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  1. A web series inspired by the subreddit Explain Like I'm Five. http://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/Subscribe to the reddit's YouTube channel: http://goo..
  2. ★★★ Cbd Oil Vs Cbd Tincture Eli5 Reddit How To Use Gelato Cbd Oil Vape Cartridge Can Heavy Harvest Cbd Coconut Oil Be Used For Pain In The Back From Shingles How Long Does Cbd Vape Oil Take To Kick In Cbd Vape Oil Lincoln Ne. Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil In Roseville Ca Cbd Oil Clinical Trials Hopkins. Contents hide. 1 Hemplucid Cbd Oil 750mg. 2 Cbd Oil Work Anxiety. 2.1 Candy With Cbd Oil.
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  4. Everything you need to know about how a Reddit group blew up GameStop's stock. By Allison Morrow, CNN Business. Updated 1140 GMT (1940 HKT) January 28, 2021 . JUST WATCHED GameStop's ascent.
  5. Visit your front page by clicking the reddit icon in the upper left. Move your cursor to the extreme left edge of the page, over the narrow vertical strip. Click this to expand the multireddit tab. This tab is not accessible from anywhere besides the front page. If you are using a mobile app to view reddit, these links may be in a different place. Browse the options or ask for help on the app.

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Hi All, welcome to my blog Long Short Term Memory and Gated Recurrent Unit's Explained — ELI5 Way this is my last blog of the year 2019.My name is Niranjan Kumar and I'm a Senior Consultant Data Science at Allstate India.. Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN) are a type of Neural Network where the output from the previous step is fed as input to the current step Formative is proudly made in collaboration with Reddit's entrepreneur community and Google Cloud Platform (http://cloud.google.com). Follow the entire series.. GameStop fun turns serious for Reddit's WallStreetBets Analysis: financial risk is often an in-joke for the anarchic group of traders - but no one is laughing now. GameStop shares plunge after. What is Reddit? It's what is lovingly known as the front page of the internet. It's a place where millions of people go every day to discuss politics, post memes, find porn, and share every. Or, as Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian put it on Twitter, the GameStop squeeze is the public doing what they feel has been done to them by institutions. And it's a perfect storm at a time when.

Reddit is a social media site that is very much unlike Facebook or Twitter, for better or worse. In this article, we'll cover the basics and a few reasons why you should give it a try That's when you turn to Explain Like I'm Five, or ELI5 in Reddit shorthand. Users ask the community to break down scientific, economic or historical concepts, and experts weigh in with the. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu The popular Reddit page, known as a subreddit, WallStreetBets is fond of targeting short-sellers. If you've ever played craps, these are the guys betting against the table, and their tactics. As Reddit and retail traders started to take notice of GameStop, they also took notice of how heavily shorted the stock was — information that's generally pretty easy to get. And they figured.

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TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms but the CEO of Reddit had some harsh words for the popular app, calling it fundamentally parasitic at an event Wednesday. The comments. Reddit's avatar builder allows you to assemble an avatar using Snoo--Reddit's mascot--and visual elements we provide. You can use the avatar you create as your profile picture on Reddit. Here are a few additional things to keep in mind when using your avatar: Avatars and avatar visual elements are Reddit's exclusive intellectual property. We reserve the right to use any avatar for any. Reddit provides an API to fetch information from their site. We will be using PRAW, a Python library, to interact with Reddit API. 2. VADER. VADER (Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner) is a lexicon and rule-based sentiment analysis tool that is specifically attuned to sentiments expressed in social media. We will be using VADER for sentiment analysis of Reddit comments and topics.

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  1. Der Beste Virenschutz - Antivirus Test 2021. Die besten Schutzprogramme gegen Trojaner, Ransomware, Spyware und andere Internet-Bedrohungen im Test von Top10Antivirenprogramme.com. Mit einem Klick auf den Produktnamen rufen Sie aktuelle Preise, technische Daten und zusätzliche Bilder zum Produkt auf
  2. Robinhood traders fueled by Reddit message boards are engaging in extremely risky behavior. It's probably going to end up badly
  3. An online forum called Reddit is sending the old guard of Wall Street into a tailspin: to date, they've managed to boost an ailing video game shop stock by 1700 per cent
  4. The Electoral College is made up of 538 electors who cast votes to decide the President and Vice-President of the United States. When voters go to the polls on Tuesday, they will be choosing which candidate receives their state's electors
  5. Maxwell's equations are a set of coupled partial differential equations that, together with the Lorentz force law, form the foundation of classical electromagnetism, classical optics, and electric circuits.The equations provide a mathematical model for electric, optical, and radio technologies, such as power generation, electric motors, wireless communication, lenses, radar etc
  6. ELI5: Why do humans eyes have a large visible white but most animal eyes are mostly iris and pupil? • r/explainlikeimfive. (2017). reddit. Retrieved 14 April 2017, from.

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OfflineTV Drama Explained: Alleged Cheating Scandal and Subtweets Fill Reddit. By Steven Asarch On 11/11/19 at 11:14 AM EST. Share. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on. r/The_Donald was a subreddit where participants created discussions and memes in support of former U.S. president Donald Trump. Initially created in June 2015 following the announcement of Trump's presidential campaign, the community grew to over 790,000 subscribers who described themselves as Patriots. The community was banned in June 2020 for violating Reddit rules on harassment and targeting Eine Firewall (von englisch firewall [ˈfaɪəwɔːl] ‚Brandwand' oder ‚Brandmauer') ist ein Sicherungssystem, das ein Rechnernetz oder einen einzelnen Computer vor unerwünschten Netzwerkzugriffen schützt. Weiter gefasst ist eine Firewall auch ein Teilaspekt eines Sicherheitskonzepts.. Jedes Firewall-Sicherungssystem basiert auf einer Softwarekomponente Reddit vs. Wall Street: the latest in the GameStop saga. WallStreetBets donates more than $350,000 to gorilla charity to prove 'apes together strong' GameStop stock halts trading after Reddit.

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Famed illustrator and comics theorist Scott McCloud takes readers on a fantastic and educational journey through the Bitcoin whitepaper. McCloud's fun and insightful narrative teaches the basics of Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, to experienced cryptocurrency fans and beginners alike Firewalls: Die beliebtesten kostenlosen Downloads 14 Freeware und Shareware Programme Für Windows, Mac, Linux, Android und iO Why are azimuth and elevation so important for us... the PhotoPillers? The answer is simple: because we will need to calculate and set them to take advantage of the Find option of the Planner to plan our ideal sun and moon shots in just seconds.. Azimuth and elevation are the two coordinates that define the position of a celestial body (sun, moon) in the sky as viewed from a particular.

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  1. If you follow any British people on Twitter, you probably saw a lot of cryptic tweets last night insinuating something about the U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and a sex act with a pig
  2. read. Imagine a box. You can put stuff into the box. You can take stuff out of the box. This box is the staging area of Git. You can craft commits here. Committing.
  3. Reddit's battle with Wall Street over AMC, GameStop stock a 'Ponzi scheme,' can't last. Investors organizing on social media hit multimillion-dollar paydays as they fought Wall Street over.

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Philosophy of music is the study of fundamental questions about the nature and value of music and our experience of it. Like any philosophy of X, it presupposes knowledge of its target Reddit's r/wallstreetbets forum has seemingly caused real-life headaches for hedge funds like Melvin Capital. Johnny Louis/Getty Images. Left's report sent Redditors into a rage. Q: What should someone look for in a sunscreen for maximum protection? A: It is important to use a sunscreen with active ingredients that protect against UV-A and UV-B rays. Avobenzone (organic) and zinc oxide (inorganic) are the only two active ingredients approved by the FDA and currently in use that protect against UV-A rays How does the Internet really work? This video lets you ride shotgun with a packet of data—one of trillions involved in the trillions of Internet interactions.. The Heinz Automato57 teaches junior how to dispense Heinz ketchup

Food and Agricultural Code - FAC Government Code - GOV Harbors and Navigation Code - HN ELI5 (Explain Like I'm 5) ORLY (Oh, Really?) Capitalizing and Punctuating Web and Text Abbreviations . Capitalization is a non-concern when using text abbreviations and chat jargon. Use all uppercase (TL;DR ) or all lowercase (tl;dr) letters, and the meaning is identical. Proper punctuation is similarly a non-concern with most text message abbreviations. For example, the acronym for too long. Thanks to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for supporting us on Subbable.com! - http://prescott.erau.eduA big thanks as well to Subbable supporters The G.. The soundtrack to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou contains a style typical of other Wes Anderson films.Mark Mothersbaugh, a member of Devo, composed the score, as he has for many of Anderson's other films.The film also features many rock songs from the 1960s-1980s, and several instrumental pieces composed by Sven Libaek for the underwater documentary television series Inner Space

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  1. Was Bedeutet ELI5? - TechMix
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  6. Eli5 چیست و چگونه باید از آن استفاده کرد ؟ ایده آل ت
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ELI5: Why do some people on SWAT teams have on streetCan albinos dye their hair? - paperwingrviceoverview for SerkaughUsagi-Nezumi (u/Usagi-Nezumi) - Redditoverview for unclemurdasuncleReaction GIFS: Your absurd responses to everythingELI5: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre marcar al 060, 066 o alWhy Your Cat Likes to Knock Things Over (According to
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